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Balconies and Decks Safety Guidelines

It has become very popular in Queensland because of our temperate climate to incorporate outdoor entertainment areas/outdoor living areas. These renovations in older homes generally will incorporate deck or veranda, or in the case of new homes, the designs include alfresco dining areas as well as decks and balconies. There have been serious injuries and […]

Diseases Carried by Rodents

two big rats

The extent of havoc that rats may cause extend far more than just gnawing on your clothes, wirings and snacking on your food in the pantry. They cause an even more alarming threat to your health.

How Water Can Damage Your Home

Town flooded with stormwater

Living in Brisbane subjects you to severe weather conditions as what can be expected of living in a country with a sub-tropical climate. It’s no longer new to local residents to experience heavy rainfall every year that causes long-term damages to homes and other structures.

The Importance of Different Types of Inspections

front view of a white house

There is nothing wrong with making sure that your property is well taken care of. Whether you are buying or selling, make sure that necessary inspections are carried out.

Potential Damage Tree Roots Can Cause to Buildings and Foundation

tree roots covered in moss

Damage to Buildings Structure and Foundations Regardless of the way tree roots gradually become, they apply huge measures of pressure on anything they come through or anything they are close to. As they travel through the ground in their interminable search for water and supplements, they dislodge the dirt around them. Clay soil compacts even […]

4 Most Common Emotional Mistakes Homebuyers Make

front view of a beautiful house

Emotional mistakes are common in homebuyers. They tend to overspend just to make their dream home a reality. Often, they let go of rational thinking and just ride along with what feels right. But who can blame them? A house would likely be the biggest purchase a person will ever make in his entire lifetime. […]

The Damaging Effects of Mould to Properties

mould on the wall

May it be some fuzzy white patches on your sub-floor, or some disgusting black spots on your shower curtains, moulds aren’t just a revolting sight. They can potentially harm you and your family —even more so if you are asthmatic or allergic to mould spores. But apart from the potential health risks it can cause, […]


7 Things to Inspect Before Buying a House

facade of a two-storey house with blue roof

Before signing the papers to buy a new house, it makes a huge difference to check the most important things first. Apart from having a professional inspector check the house, there are certain things you need to pay closer attention to. Physical appearance is one but that’s something that you would notice at first glance […]

How Important is Hiring a Pool Safety Inspector?

woman wearing a sun hat in the pool

The primary role of a pool safety inspector is to find out whether pools are compliant with the standards or not. They will issue a pool safety certificate to pools that are compliant. On the other hand, if the pool failed to meet the standards, the inspectors will issue a nonconformity notice. Consult an Inspector […]

Disadvantages of DIY Pest Control

exterminator spraying pesticide on the house exterior

Do-It-Yourself, or DIY as it is more popularly called, is surely a convenient and inexpensive way of dealing with just about anything. It even has a zestful ring to it, giving people a sense of pride in being able to do something completely on their own.