Get a Wet-Nosed Pest Inspector Today

Having a pest inspection take place in your home can seem to be a little bit of an inconvenience but it is important to have regular pest inspections conducted if you want to avoid problems with pests down the line. Professional pest inspectors use a variety of different tools in order to find pests in your home and you no longer need to worry about anyone going through your personal belongings.

Termite Dogs

One of the more novel ways to conduct a pest inspection Brisbane is by using a termite dog. No, this is not some new breed but is actually a dog that is very highly trained. It uses its sense of smell to find termites so that they can be eradicated. This is a lot faster than conventional means as the dog can quite easily sniff out the termites in any area of the home.

New Technology

Dogs have been used for their great sense of smell for centuries. It simply makes sense to turn the dog’s fantastic sense of smell to something useful like locating termites in the home. This new “technology” is great because it saves a lot of time when compared to traditional methods. Even if you are using the top of the range in pest detection equipment, it is a time consuming process to complete. You literally have to search the house from top to bottom in order to make sure that nothing is missed. With a dog, you do not have to worry about that – they will be able to smell termites from just about anywhere in the house and will make a beeline for them.

The Social Aspect

Of course, most people love doggies and these friendly termite dogs are fun to have in your home. The kids are likely to be completely amazed by the way these dogs work so you can turn the building and pest inspection Brisbane into a fun learning experience for the kiddies. It is also quite a lot of fun for adults to watch the dog at work – however, you will probably be hoping that he does not find anything.

Overall, there are a number of ways that the pest inspectors use to find termites but this is probably the most novel way. Considering that they are highly effective and much quicker than conventional methods of pest detection, termite dogs are probably here to stay. You can’t really object to this particular pest inspector.