Going to the Dogs

When it comes to termite detection, there is an alternative to the high tech option – dogs trained to detect termites.

Dogs have an excellent nose for detecting smells – they have over two hundred thousand olfactory nerves and can detect even small trace amounts of elements from quite a way off.

Dogs can be trained to specifically hone in on a substance – whether it is drugs, gas, or basically whatever you want them to find – and they love their jobs. Dogs love sniffing out what you are looking for and enjoy finding it.

They will also single-mindedly concentrate on the task at hand. (Being so well-trained, they show enormous self-restraint when it comes to distractions.)

How do They do it?

In the case of termite pest inspection termite dogs, they are trained to detect the gases that are emitted by the termites’ digestive tracts. These consist of a variety of twenty different gases, the vast majority being types of methane gases.

The dogs sniff around and then lead the inspectors to the points where they can smell the gases.

Saving Time and Effort

This ability to hone in on the problem areas quickly and efficiently means that the termite dogs actually help cut down the amount of time needed to conduct a pest inspection.

Although technology is just as adept at locating the problem areas, it does take a fair amount of time longer because the equipment needs to be manually aimed at potential problem areas. Dogs have no such limitations – they can simply follow their noses.

Because of their super sniffers, the dogs can detect trace amounts of these gases behind any kind of finish be it a simple veneer or a stucco wall.

As a result, many pest inspection companies are bringing termite dogs on board – they are becoming front runners in the fight against termites.

Preparing your Home for the Termite Dog

Although the dogs are well-trained, it is advisable to make sure that your own doggies are kept outside for the duration of the inspection. Getting kitty out of the house is also a good idea.

If you have small children, keep them out of the termite dog’s way – although they are very friendly animals, they are there to do a job – keep the cuddles for when they are finished.

If you want the best of both worlds, hire a company that uses both termite dogs and technology to get the best and most thorough pest inspection possible.