How Effective Are Termite Detection Dogs For Pest Inspections?

Everyone knows that a dog is a man’s best friend. But with the recent innovation in the pest management industry, our furry friends have also become our best pals in helping us sniff out the pesky termites. For several years now, Twinspectors Building and Pest Inspections uses the ability of termite detection dogs in tracking and finding hidden pests in residential and commercial properties.

With dogs having around 200 million smell receptors, it is no wonder that they can provide effective assistance in identifying the locations of termites. They can detect specific odours a hundred thousand times greater than humans can – and that could even be after the odour has already blended with other smells.

This is the very reason why dogs are trained and used in substance detection, and they are remarkably excellent in that field. From tracing explosives to locating narcotics, using a dog’s sense of smell has been one of the most reliable methods.

Dogs and Their Ability to Detect Termite Odours

Since dogs can be trained to identify and hone in to a specific scent, this has been used for detecting termites as well. The white ants emit distinctive odours, which are a giveaway that they are lurking around a property. Of course, for us humans, it would be hard to sense these odours even when we’re already standing next to the wall where the termites might be hiding. But for dogs, this task becomes easier and less time-consuming.

How Are Dogs Trained

Although dogs have an exceptional olfactory ability, that’s not to say that any dog can immediately pinpoint you to a location when they smell termites in your home. Just as with narcotics and substance detection, dogs need to be trained to detect the distinct odours given off by termites.

Before being taken into actual pest inspections, our dogs at Twinspectors Building and Pest Inspections have undergone long periods of training with highly-skilled specialised trainers. Even after the dogs have exhibited high proficiency in termite detection, the training continues in order to ensure progress and mastery.

Having Your Home Inspected with a Termite Detection Dog

If you prefer to have your property inspected with the help of a termite detection dog, you can be assured that the process will be more efficient, since dogs will simply follow their senses. All you need to do is prepare your home for the visit of our detection dog.

If necessary, our technicians can also make use of other technologies to confirm the presence of pests. This ensures that we get quality results during the inspection and that none of the problem areas has been missed.