Meet Molly The Termite Detection Dog

Dogs have become very popular tools in the search for home termite infestations. With these microscopic pests creating so many problems for homeowners each year, it’s easy to see why a top-notch company like Twinspectors would want to have every tool possible at our disposal. As a part of that, we’re thrilled to have a very special member on board: Molly the dog.

Who’s Molly?

As the most experienced pest inspection and management company in the region, Twinspectors has always striven to provide the most cutting edge tools and technology available. In addition to a lot of fancy gadgetry, techniques and strategies, we brought Molly on board to help give us an extra edge against our wily competition: the termite. She’s already made quite a name for herself within the company, having detected numerous termite infestations with her keen wits and intelligence alone.

Dogs And Termite Inspections

Like most dogs, Molly is equipped with an ultra-sensitive sense of smell. That exceptional sense is put to great use when we bring her along on one of our regular pest inspections. As she roams the premises, Molly can effortlessly pick up the scent of termites where equipment and other measures alone would have required a great deal more time. Molly is proof positive that dogs are invaluable tools for pest inspection companies, and Twinspectors is very grateful for her excellent help. It’s safe to say that the homeowners who Molly has assisted are pleased, too.

Molly Helps Us Help You Faster

At Twinspectors, we know that most homeowners would like for us to be in and out as quickly as possible. Thanks to Molly’s help, we can achieve that goal a lot more consistently. Molly cuts down significantly on the amount of time that it takes us to perform termite inspections, helping us be on our way that much more quickly. The efficiency that she brings to the table for our business – and for our clients – is truly priceless. There’s no doubt that Molly will be a valued member of the Twinspectors team for many years to come.