Termite Inspection – Another Job for Man’s Best Friend

The use of dogs to sniff out termites is a recent innovation in pest control. Dogs possess at least 200,000 more olfactory receptors than humans, allowing them to smell substances that are odourless to humans. Termite sniffing dogs are three times more accurate at finding termites than human experts. With other technologies, certain damage is done to the home to search more closely for termites. With dogs, there is no invasive examination needed because they can pick up even small infestations of termites, as well as termites that have occupied a remote part of the home. Dogs can also distinguish between dead and live termites, so they will not mistake old signs of infestations as new ones.

How Dogs Detect Termites

Dogs are successfully trained to find illegal narcotics, bombs and dead bodies. With similar training, dogs can also be successfully taught how to detect termites. Termites emit different kinds of methane gas produced by microorganisms in their digestive tracks. Of the more than 20 gases reported to be emitted by termites, the most common are carbon dioxide and methane. Dogs can be trained to sniff for termites using these gases. They can smell these gases even in small doses and their powerful olfactory receptors allow them to sniff these gases even through different kinds of coverings like walls and floorings. Dogs can find infestations in parts of the home where there are no obvious signs of termites.

Dogs must be trained by certified experts. Dogs undergo initial training and must continue to be trained every day to further hone their skills.

Finding a Company that Uses Termite Sniffing Dogs

As termite sniffing dogs are fairly new in the pest inspection and management industry, there will not be many companies offering this kind of service. Termite detection dogs can pinpoint the location of termites quickly and with high accuracy. But most inspectors who use termite sniffing dogs will also use modern technologies and equipment like thermal imaging cameras and moisture encounter as a back-up. The combination allows for an effective and thorough inspection that is much faster than if the inspector used just one or the other.

Not all pest inspection experts who offer termite sniffing dogs will be well-versed in using this technology. Before arranging for this type of pest detection, make sure the dog has been trained by a certified professional. The pest control company should be able to show you a certificate that their termite sniffing dog underwent proper training.