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Control Wood Borers in your Home

Wood borers can cause serious damage to your home’s structure if left over a long period. Wood borers are attracted to untreated and damp wood. Proper ventilation in your home is the first step in preventing damp timber. Should the problem become more advanced, you will need to replace the timber. How to Recognise Wood […]

Having your Home Inspected

With the global economy now on the way to mending, people are once again in a position to start considering real estate or property investments or in order to buy the home you have always wanted. You might also be looking into selling one of your investment properties now that the market is recovering. You […]

Benefits of Building and Pest Inspections

You need to know whether or not there are structural defects or there are pests in your home or the house or property you are about to purchase. A thorough building and pest inspection must be carried out to discover potential problems in a property that may cost you plenty in the future. Inspectors check out all […]

Why Have an Annual Inspection?

Your home is one of the major investments you make. You need to protect your investment in your home as carefully as you would your financial investments. Just as you should review your financial investments annually, you need to make an annual review of your home. Building and Pest Inspections Annual professional building and pest […]

Top Reasons to Have a Building Inspection

Building inspection is one vital move that home buyers need to consider being inking a deal with the seller. A huge amount of money is involved in purchasing real estate, so the decision to buy must have a very good basis. Building inspection is a precautionary move that will help the buyer make that very important […]


Getting a Good Gauge on Property Value

When it comes to buying real estate it is important to conduct the appropriate due diligence to ensure the property you are buying is clear and unencumbered. Part of your due diligence agenda should always be to have an invaluable  building and pest inspection. Invaluable it is, because of the money it could save you. […]

Prevent Further Damage Today

We regularly hear about the benefits of getting a building and pest inspection on homes that are for sale. Sellers and buyers are very conscientious about this but we tend to overlook the importance of checking that your home is still in good order for the years following your purchase. At Twinspectors, we don’t only offer buyers […]

Why Homeowners Need to Have Annual Inspections Done on Their Property

If you are buying or selling a house, one of the things you need to do is to have the property inspected to see if there are major problems not easily seen with a tour of the house. But if you are a homeowner, and especially if you are treating your home as an investment, an inspection […]

Why A Pest Inspection is Important for Property Owners

A pest inspection is an integral part of purchasing and owning a property, which is why it is also important to find the right person to do the job. With a reliable company that will help you with property inspections and addressing possible pest infestations, you can protect yourself and your investment. How Pest Inspectors […]

Health Risks and Removal of Asbestos-Containing Materials

Asbestos, a set of silicate minerals widely used in construction, has been known to cause serious health hazards. In Australia, if a structure was built prior to the complete ban of asbestos in 2003, there is a possibility that asbestos or asbestos-containing materials are present in your property. Why Asbestos Can Mean Danger In the […]