Pre-Sale Inspections

There are many benefits and advantages to having current building and pest inspection reports on hand when selling a home. Prospective buyers are sure to be encouraged by the fact that you have been pro-active about the condition of the property. Knowing the precise condition that your home is in is also a great way to avoid any unpleasant surprises during the negotiation phase. If any issues are uncovered through a pre-sale inspection, you can take care of them ahead of time.

Twinspectors is happy to provide three great pre-sale inspection products: pre-sale building inspections, pre-sale pest inspections and pre-sale building AND pest inspections.

Pre-Sale Building Inspections

Why wait until contract time rolls around to discover structural defects, damages or other issues? You’re sure to enjoy a smoother selling experience when you have in-depth information about the condition of your home readily available. With a report from your Twinspectors pre-sale building inspection on hand, you can enjoy a higher level of transparency that will increase a prospective buyer’s confidence in you and your property.

Pre-Sale Pest Inspections

If a prospective buyer has a pest inspection of their own conducted and it reveals a major termite problem, the entire transaction could fall through. By uncovering such issues yourself, you can have them handled on your own terms. If a Twinspectors pest inspection produces a clean bill of health for your building, of course, you can enter into a contract with confidence.

Pre-Sale Building AND Pest Inspections

The best way to be a prepared seller is by having clear knowledge about the house that you are selling – and to have confidence that it is pest-free. A Twinspectors pre-sale building AND pest inspection, then, is the most affordable way to go for those who’d like to be as prepared as possible.